Getting to Yes: Crafting Prices People Will Pay

Episode 57 · September 11th, 2019 · 32 mins 58 secs

About this Episode

We’ve discussed this before, but being good at what you do is simply not enough much of the time.

For better or worse, people don’t compare products and services objectively. Instead a variety of factors—many of which we are not conscious of—impact our purchasing decisions.

And at least a hot few of those factors have to do with pricing, such as how we assign or perceive value, and how services and prices are presented to us.

I’d argue that crafting the right offer is one of the most important aspects of becoming a profitable, thriving business. An effective offer is easy-to-understand, demonstrates clear value, educates and overcomes objections.

This podcast episode (and corresponding blog post) explores tips for service providers who want to craft effective pricing ‘collections’ or ‘packages’ for their business.

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